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Karim Laham - Chairman
Richa Priyadarshi - Secretary
Victor Ghering - First-year BE Commissioner
Alex Onitiu - First-year BE Commissioner
Laura Āboltiņa - First-year SE Commissioner
Mikhail James - Second-year Courses Commissioner
Menelaos Papamichelakis - CCB Commissioner
Vincent Huigen - QQ


Davide La Zara
Jose Galán
Jayant Srivastava
Andrés Yépez
Ilma Jabeen
Shozab Mustafa
Vincent Huigen
Matthew Church


Shozab Mustafa - Structural Engineering Concrete Structures
Aravind Ramkumar - Structural Engineering Steel Structures
Arjen de Putter - Structural Engineering Structural Mechanics
Shubham Toshniwal - Structural Engineering Concrete Structures
Geerte Kotteman - Structural Engineering Steel Structures
Jose Galán - Building Engineering Structural Design
Saurabh Gunecha - Structural Engineering Structural Mechanics
Suman Bhattarai - QQ